11 nov. 2011

Psychopathy - My theory of the reasons causing the personality disorder

After having close relations to people who suffer from the personality disorder best described as psycopathy I have had an excellent opportunity to study them, 
First of all I want to say that It is frightening how little knowledge the authorities and the justice has about  Psychopathy. Research has shown that Psychopathy is far more common than previously thought and that means that each of us certainly have a psychopathic individual among us and most certainly more than one. It is essential that the authoritys understand this fact about this reality.

It is easy to make the mistake of confusing a psychopath with a person with a richly varied, interesting personality. To get rid of the illusions about this kind of people and try to elliminate the smokescreens they are hid behind , I will give You my theory to clarify how a personality as psychopathy occurs, and what it really means.
Because the psychopath is so hard to understand  people have  been fascinated by their personalities so I immediately want to reaveal the psychopath and their personalitys for what it is namely expression of a very immature and childish individual whose personality development ceased at the age of three.
Here is my theory;
When a baby is born the entire worldview
circulate around the baby and its needs for food, sleep, warmht, etc. - the primary needs. This is completely natural, natural is also your baby's world view gradually developes and piece by piece incorporates the outside world in their own reality.
The outer world becomes a part of their own existence and the child developes empathy, compassion for other people. It is this development that goes awry for our baby.  It is now that our little baby do not want to leave the world and the state where he is the center of all things, and the core around which all life revolves. The Psycopath is born.From now on he will fight on the psychic arena in order to maintain the image of himself as the center of the world.He loves himself and looks at him/herself as a flawless, impeccable individual - simply, the greatest, best and most beautiful.And he (may as well be a she) feels nothing for anyone else but are only capabel to a great love for himself. The Psychopath is incredibly selfish and egocentrated.The only emotion he is capable of feeling towards others is hatred and jealousy against those who steal attention from him by being smarter, better looking and exhibit more skill than he is in possession of.This is the adult psychopath attributes but there are properties that derive their nutrition from an undeveloped child's instincts and is a sign of emotional retardation. Because of this, he is not able to develop his humanity and resources as empathy etc which are essential to build working relationships.
He defends their imaginary right to grandiosity, which means that by studying people's behavior and reactions the psykopath learns the behavior that pays off and learn to master the "art" to deceive and manipulate, and they use these tool in their arsenal of power to the utmost to get the attention that he is so dependent upon.

One method he uses to get people where he wants is "reflections", an unconscious knowledge he developed by studying their surroundings. He imitates / mirrors other people's behaviour and people who are close to the psykopath  mistakes this reflection of themselfs for "understanding" and believe they have found their soul mate. In a worst case scenario this illusion can be devastating and dangerous.

The psycopath learns how he should behave to charm people and know what to say to bind people to him but he knows nothing about, and does not understand, the true meaning of the loving words they find their victims so dependent upon and therefor so generously spreads around themselfs . This makes him an emotional liar and since he discovers wide use of lies he constantly lies in both large and small.

Instead of being a fascinating personality with a richly varied inner life, he is in fact on the contrary, quite the opposite, ie a characterless, individual personality that immitates human characteristics. A jealous, emotionally retarded, underdeveloped caricature of a human being.

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