25 sep. 2011

ADHD - a Profitable illusion.

Bhaaa,,,  all diagnoses:  such as ADHD! Crap! It does not exist!

But it is perfect to be able to convince the World society about the excellence of the "diagnosis". It is perfect for the stock market and investors who are getting richer and richer the higher the hypnotized choir sing about how happy they are now that they have received their diagnosis. Great! More money in the pockets of those who chose to sell medicines to the people instead of drugs.
I've met lots of people who have been diagnosed with ADHD and more of these young people have even been in early retirement, a sick solution constructed of a sick society!
What I observed is common among these ADHD-diagnosed people is that they are smart, creative, are themselves and do not care much about stress or status , nor stress of cleaning and the like because they know that shit is still there tomorrow and Moreover  they dislike to let their life be ruled by clocks and rules. Cool people! So why should they crammed with less flexible human insulting analysis and subsequent medication??? My only answer to that question is that you want to create job opportunities for professionals who earn their sallarys from diagnosing their neighbours, their kids and free spirits, AND want to make money on shares in pharmaceutical industry.
It was not long ago that doctors received commission from pharmaceutical companies when they wrote recipies for medication. Of course, it was interesting to print the recipes in that context,,, but the management soon became known, and so this phenomenon
disappeared . So when they found another solution; DIAGNOSE people in a weird category and letter combinations. Great! But DAMP has, for example, been deleted from the list of diagnoses later on because someone revealed it as a gigantic fake! Now I hope that the diagnosis of ADHD is the next to be eliminated from the Worlds consciousness.
It is a pure violation to continue diagnose creative people in this way.
The people who today wear the Stockmarket on their shoulders with their ADHD diagnoses are really healthy people, people who do not thrive in the norm of how a human should be.
People are different. Establish community after it instead. As industrialization stepped up the pace of society, it was also money that ruled and the people hung up in wage slavery - but the soul could not keep up with! Man is not the ment to run around in an ever faster spinning wheel and the skyrocketing suicide statistics - is the proof.
No, those you today diagnose with ADHD are people to look at when you deal with building a society that works for everyone.
Leave the stress and status to those who believe that time is money, time can not be bought with money.

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